Welcome to Boatwomen.com!

I’m glad you found us! This site is a safe place for female boat lovers around the world, whether actively out there, or armchair wishers (like me, nowadays). We don’t mind the men coming along but only if you play nice. 😉

It can be difficult for women to discuss boating issues with their male counterparts. Often they just don’t listen, or get it, or get us! So here’s where you can be at peace, talking about anything from halyards to engines, how to create mesh for your pulpit railings, one-pot recipes at sea, feeding children on the waves, medical treatments, pets on board, earning money, writing, and everything else related to boats. Although at first we will focus on sailing, canal boats and barges will soon follow, and as fast as we get contributors is as fast as we will grow our categories. We’ll do book and magazine recommendations, too.

Some of our content is and will remain free, but very soon we will have memberships set up, with a monthly fee, which will allow access to everything we have to offer, including forums. This will offer privacy from our helpful male friends who will think we don’t know what we’re doing, or talking about, and will want to provide male opinions. Much as we love you, guys, that’s not what this site is about! 🙂

More soon… please be patient while we set the site up! Happy waves!